The citizens are offered the possibility to get to know, on the first Sunday of every month, the noble spaces of the building of the City Hall, in a guided tour, presented in Portuguese, which enables participants to get to know the interior of the building, historical facts and the most relevant architectonical features of the building.

In order to experience this service, the citizens must require a previous enrolment, which they can do by telephone or in person at Gabinete do Munícipe.

The service is provided in the City Hall, located at Praça General Humberto Delgado. The enrolment must be made through the telephone +351 222 090 400, or in person at Gabinete do Munícipe, located at Praça General Humberto Delgado, nº 266.

Note: There are applicable fees for this service (children under the age of 12 are exempt).

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