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Senior Frontend Engineer


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Job Description


Imagine a spreadsheet grid where each cell can also call an API or repeat a job. This is what we are building. Our product lets users create interactive web apps using the spreadsheet skills they already have. You can check us at

We have also been on the news. You can find us on TechCrunch (, VentureBeat (, Observador [pt] ( and many other media!


Your responsibilities

Your role is to team up with our engineers and build our single-page app. You will be working on:

  • an account dashboard where users manage apps and settings.
  • the editor where users manipulate a list of programmable cells that can do computing, including services and automation.
  • additional pages and features where we help users learn and extract the maximum value out of our core functionality and available integrations.


About you

We're looking for people who improve our team! Our ideal buddy is:

  • Motivated to solve complex challenges. We are building a platform that provides General Purpose Computing to the masses; this requires cooking up new solutions that handle millions of calculations.
  • Professional and fun. We value commitment and the ability to stay optimistic and focused, especially in the face of difficult challenges or feedback. But we also find plenty of time to talk about The Big Lebowski.
  • Focused on quality and usability. We hate alarms going off and features that are half-baked as much as you do. Come build a polished product with us!


  • At least 6 years of work experience as a software engineer.
  • Fluent in design patterns and other Computer Science fundamentals.
  • Proficient in ECMAScript 2017.
  • Proficient in HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Proficient in SPAs (single-page apps).
  • Proficient in front-end frameworks like React or Angular (we use React).
  • Proficient in testing (unit tests, end-to-end tests).
  • Able communicator in English. Speaking Portuguese is optional but welcome.

Nice to have

  • Reactive programming. Strong plus.
  • GraphQL (with Apollo client). Strong plus.
  • HTML5 Canvas for fin-hypergrid library. Strong plus.
  • WebSockets (GraphQL over websockets).
  • Webpack, PostCSS, cssnext & CSS modules.
  • CSS Flexbox.
  • RxJS (some core modules).
  • GitHub (Open source and internal repos).

Apply to


Compensation and Perks

  • Expected Annual Gross Salary Range: 43.000-50.000€.
  • Employee equity plan.
  • Health Insurance for you and your family.
  • Plenty of beer and frequent ice-cream.
  • Liberal work-from-home policy.
  • Unlimited vacation policy.


Send the following information to :

  1. Complete Linkedin link or CV pdf.
  2. GitHub and/ or other public repos link.
  3. Which position you want to apply to and why.
  4. Email, phone contacts.
  5. Also send three (3x) 1-hour slots of availability in the next 3-5 days.
About DashDash

We create tools that make computation accessible to everyone. Coding used to be hard. You had to rely on complex processes of IT departments and agencies. dashdash changes that. We want you to create interactive web apps using the spreadsheet skills that you already have.

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