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C# .NET Developer

Visma Tech Portugal

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Job Description

​​​​​We strive toward delivering great value for our customers by building awesome features and helping them in their daily work. We focus on the large accounting offices, and on enabling them in their daily work. We strive to make our customers happy, learn new things, and to enjoy every day at work.

We build new features in C# and React while maintaining and constantly improving our existing code base. So if you have experience with C# .Net technologies and React we are happy to hear from you. In this role, you will be part of Team Jenga - one of several feature teams in Visma e-conomic.


  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Object Oriented Design (S.O.L.I.D.)

  • Experience building and designing API-based software products

  • Skilled and experienced C# developer

  • Experience with React, Angular or another modern JavaScript framework is a plus

  • Experience with Relational Databases (SQL, MySQL)

  • Experience with Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure or GCP) is a plus


We will offer you a competitive salary and benefits package. But, we hope you will give us a chance based on what truly makes us the coolest place to work (in our opinion):

  • We love that you bring your ideas to the table: You will be part of a culture that favors experiments and value initiative, so it’s easy to get your ideas heard.
  • Make an impact from day 1: We want you to experience meaning as much as you experience mastery through creating value that impacts people's everyday lives. And you get to influence how to go about creating that value with full autonomy of your work.
  • Flexibility at all stages of life: Work is an important part of life. Yet, we know that you are much more than your job. We make room for people at all stages of life.
  • We invest in your competence: When you step into Visma, opportunities from A-Z awaits. You will be met by engaged leaders that care for and support you, and take part to competence sharing and learning networks across Visma within.
  • Above all, we are a team: Team spirit is key for us to deliver on our promises to people and society, but most importantly; to form a culture where people support and care for each other as much as we have tons of fun together
About Visma Tech Portugal

Visma is a leading provider of mission-critical business software for a more efficient and resilient society. By simplifying and automating the work of companies and organisations of all sizes, we improve people's everyday lives. Today we are more than 250 companies and on a weekly basis a new company is acquired by Visma and joins our family. With 14,000 employees, 1,135,000 private and public sector customers across the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, and net revenue of €1,741 million in 2020, we are committed to making tomorrow better than today.

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