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Frontend Engineer


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Job Description

As a Frontend Engineer, you will help Invisible Cloud build powerful and intuitive products that delight our users. You’ll work with a passionate, versatile, and collaborative team, tackling tough problems as we continue to push our technology forward. Additionally you will have opportunity to influence and implement architectural solutions that will enable us to achieve our goals.

Our technology stack includes (but not limited to): PHP, Ruby/RSpec, Vue.js, Coffescript, Gitlab, Cucumber and Docker.


  • You have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or similar;
  • Experience in building user interfaces is a plus;
  • Perform thorough and thoughtful code reviews to help maintain high standard of code quality;
  • Understanding of web architecture such as the DOM, HTTP, JSON, REST;
  • Promote good programming habits (TDD, security, agile development, technical debt balance);


You will travel a lot if you're up to it and be part of a truly international business being bootstraped!

About InvisibleCloud

Founded in 2016 in the city of Porto Invisible Cloud builds a reputation for providing simple solutions for complex problems In 2017 we launched Invisible Collector, our core service. A receivables relationship agent, that puts creditors, and debtors on the same page. It enables creditors to create a structured contact strategy with its clients, triggered preventively or after the expiration date of the receivable at hand – (invoice, credit rate, instalment). Notifications are sent on a multichannel basis (emails, to SMSs, Voice Messages, etc) considering the receiver’s profile such as timezone, language, etc. From the customer’s side it presents a direct communication channel with the supplier for settling commercial disputes and various other claims. We also offer a mass marketing tool based on SMS and IVR at very competitive prices. The system is present on a plug & play basis on several of the shelf systems such as the ones provided by i2S, IPBrick, SPJ besides being used by international banking entities and several healthcare institutions.

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