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Frontend Developer

Devexperts Portugal. SA

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Job Description

We are looking for a frontend developer to work at Devexperts on a bunch of interesting projects. We’re building and supporting a number of projects with different complexity – from client portals to full-blown capital markets trading applications. Technology stack includes, but not limited to: React + libs (redux, redux-saga, mobX, etc). We do believe in typed code and hence TypeScript is our choice.



  • Frontend team is looking for a developer, meaning:
  • Create single page applications (mainly via React);
  • Not be afraid of markup from time to time (design is provided in Zeplin);
  • Team-player – standups, planning, review;
  • Think of quality every time you press commit.


  • Deep knowledge of HTML/CSS, including techniques and best practices;
  • Deep knowledge of JS (experience in ES+);
  • TypeScript and React hands on experience;
  • Experience in CSS preprocessors (stylus, scss);
  • English - spoken and written.


  • Experience in css-modules and css-in-js;
  • Understanding of unit and automated functional testing;
  • Functional practices: ADT (Algebraic data types), HKT (Higher kinded types);
  • Experience in fp-ts.
About Devexperts Portugal. SA

WHO WE ARE Devexperts is a major developer of software solutions for brokerages and financial companies operating in the capital markets industry. Our projects include online trading systems, technical analysis products, and services that provide real-time market data. We develop flexible and complex solutions customized to fit the needs of each client we work with. Our products are designed for PCs and distributed server systems running on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. OUR MINDSET Devexperts is focused on long-term cooperation with professionals ready to take on challenging tasks and achieve results, while working on comprehensive technical tasks ranging from implementing complex business logic to cross-compiler development. OUR CAREERS AND CERTIFICATIONS Devexperts offers both technical and managerial career paths. Availability of internal movement gives Devexperts employees an opportunity to prove themselves in various fields and use their potential. There is also an intern program available for students to work and learn under the supervision of experienced mentors. We share experience with each other via team work and internal presentations, lectures, and workshops. The company supports aspiring employees and encourages them to participate in professional conferences, technical workshops, awards, and competitions. Devexperts always welcomes results-driven specialists interested in tackling demanding issues. All our engineers complete certain certifications. Expertise in Java development is confirmed by Oracle. Devexperts is also the official ISTQB certification center both for its employees and external experts in quality control. OUR AWARDS Devexperts products have already been awarded high ratings by leading financial periodicals. Among them are Barron’s Magazine, Shares Magazine, Traders Awards, Smart Investor Magazine, Compare Shares, Futures Magazine, Stockbrockers. Recently, Devexperts has been listed in the TOP-100 European Fintech Conpanies 2017. OUR GEOGRAPHY We have Research and Development offices in Munich, Porto, Sofia, St. Petersburg and Antalya

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