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Mobile developer w/ React Native (Bokio)

Visma Tech Portugal

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Job Description

Visma is not just your average company – we're a leading Norwegian player in the mission-critical business software scene, making a real impact. Picture us as the folks who find, build, and deliver software that genuinely makes life better for millions of people worldwide.

Our software? It's the magic wand that simplifies and automates those tricky work processes, giving folks the freedom to enjoy their everyday lives a bit more. Now, here's the cool part – Visma isn't just a company; it's a dynamic network of go-getters, each running their show with that startup flair, unique personality, and strong leadership.

What sets us apart? Well, each of our companies gets to do its thing – we call it business autonomy. It's like a secret sauce that keeps our growth game strong. Our mission is simple but powerful: we want to empower people by making complex tasks easy. Looking forward, we're not just tech enthusiasts; we're on a mission to shape the future of society through our tech wizardry.


About Bokio

Bokio makes it super easy for everyone to run a business through automation of financial services, accounting, payments and taxes. We make sure our users understand their finances and have the right tools to make the best decisions for their businesses. You are welcome at Bokio for who you are, no matter where you come from or what you look like. Our platform is for everyone, and so is our workplace! We cherish a culture at Bokio where empathy, diversity, respect and courage are front and center.


What we expect from you:

  • You will be part of a small, experienced team that owns the platform and developer experience of the Bokio mobile app. Our teams have creative freedom for solving challenges, clarity for direction and support for progress.
  • Your main playground will be all or some of: React Native, React, Javascript, Typescript, native iOS or Android development (Swift, Obj-C, Java).
  • You will have a great influence on structuring architecture and way of working in the scope of Mobile app and Front-end development.


What you bring to the table:

  • You have empathy for users and truly care about improving their experience
  • You like collaborating with teams and developers, enabling them to be productive and happy with mobile app development.
  • You are curious with a growth mindset and search for and enjoy finding ways to improve and learn.
  • You are a good communicator and comfortable with spoken and written English.
  • You know, care about and use sound engineering practices to develop well-crafted software.
  • Deep understanding of all stages in Mobile app development lifecycle and providing technical leadership. You are great with at least one of, and comfortable with or willing to learn the other:
      React Native and React
    • JavaScript and Typescript
    • Native iOS or Android development: Swift, Obj-C, Java


It is considered a bonus if:

  • You have worked in a role of Tech Lead, Software Architect or mentor.
  • You have experience with C#, .NET, SQL, Redis, HTML5/CSS3.
  • You have worked in customer-critical applications where security was important.
  • You have/had your own company and understand the perils of running a small business.
  • You are familiar with accounting or fintech.


What you can expect from us:
In our nordic-inspired work environment, we appreciate flexibility, autonomy, and a collaborative spirit. If you're someone who enjoys getting hands-on, work/life balance, values learning and finds joy in sharing experiences with colleagues.. you're in the right place!

  • We love that you bring your ideas to the table: You will be part of a culture that favours experiments and value initiative, so it’s easy to get your ideas heard.

  • Make an impact from day 1: We want you to experience meaning as much as you experience mastery through creating value that impacts people's everyday lives. And you get to influence how to go about creating that value with full autonomy of your work.

  • Flexibility at all stages of life: Work is an important part of life. Yet, we know that you are much more than your job. We make room for people at all stages of life.

  • We invest in your competence: When you step into Visma, opportunities from A-Z awaits. You will be met by engaged leaders that care for and support you, and take part in competence sharing and learning networks across Visma within.

  • Above all, we are a team: Team spirit is key for us to deliver on our promises to people and society, but most importantly; to form a culture where people support and care for each other as much as we have tons of fun together



We celebrate a culture where everyone's uniqueness contributes to our collective success. Feel free to share a bit about yourself, your interests and what makes you thrive both at work and in life. We're looking forward to learning more about you!

About Visma Tech Portugal

Visma is a leading provider of mission-critical business software for a more efficient and resilient society. By simplifying and automating the work of companies and organisations of all sizes, we improve people's everyday lives. Today we are more than 250 companies and on a weekly basis a new company is acquired by Visma and joins our family. With 14,000 employees, 1,135,000 private and public sector customers across the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, and net revenue of €1,741 million in 2020, we are committed to making tomorrow better than today.

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