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System Developer w/ C# and Optimizely (SPCS)

Visma Tech Portugal

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Job Description

Our journey just accelerated with our updated, cloud-based Optimizely platform. To truly create magic, we now seek your expertise as the final piece of the puzzle. As part of our team, you get the freedom to implement solutions that shape the future of digital experiences for our customers.


What does the role entail?

We have recently undergone an exciting upgrade and now stand proudly with our platform in the latest version of Optimizely (Episerver), completely cloud-based.
We work actively with both content management systems (CMS) and the e-commerce part (Commerce). This is a transformation that opens up endless possibilities in creation, scalability and security.

In your role, you will handle a variety of tasks. This includes everything from writing code to searching for appropriate technical solutions that support both our business strategy and the customer experience. The role is varied and flexible, which may sometimes involve working with systems in addition to our own website.

You will be part of a team consisting of frontend and backend developers as well as Business Analyst. Within the group, you take on technically advanced tasks: from system development to test automation and deployment processes.


Who are you?

Your ability to consistently deliver high-quality results is impressive, and your enthusiasm for web development is evident. You strive to continuously develop professionally and have a solid desire to develop and share your expertise. We appreciate that you enjoy working in a team, while being able to independently run projects from start to finish.



  • Previous experience of development in Optimizely CMS is a requirement
  • Experience working with version management systems
  • Experience with .NET development
  • YH, College or university education in web development
  • Familiar with Azure and its infrastructure


What does life at Visma look like?

We will offer you a competitive salary and benefits package. But, we hope you will give us a chance based on what truly makes us the coolest place to work (in our opinion):

  • We love that you bring your ideas to the table: You will be part of a culture that favors experiments and value initiative, so it’s easy to get your ideas heard.
  • Make an impact from day 1: We want you to experience meaning as much as you experience mastery through creating value that impacts people's everyday lives. And you get to influence how to go about creating that value with full autonomy of your work.
  • Flexibility at all stages of life: Work is an important part of life. Yet, we know that you are much more than your job. We make room for people at all stages of life.
  • We invest in your competence: When you step into Visma, opportunities from A-Z awaits. You will be met by engaged leaders that care for and support you, and take part to competence sharing and learning networks across Visma within.
  • Above all, we are a team: Team spirit is key for us to deliver on our promises to people and society, but most importantly; to form a culture where people support and care for each other as much as we have tons of fun together


About the team

With us, you get the chance to work with committed employees in one of the Nordics' largest tech groups. Our ambition is to create a world-class workplace. Thanks to our hybrid work model, employees have a flexible everyday life, where it is possible to alternate working from one of our offices and working remotely. The concept of My Competence Day, where you do whatever you want one day a month to develop yourself, is just one example of how serious we are. When we ask our employees why they enjoy working with us, most answer that it is due to our cohesion in combination with development opportunities. We are proud of that! Because when you thrive, grow and want to make a difference, we develop as a company. We simply get better together!


 Surely this sounds exciting? We look forward to hearing from you!

About Visma Tech Portugal

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