Public transport in Porto is reliable and good value for money, featuring an extended and diverse network of metro and tram system, various funiculars and urban buses. Porto’s metro network has six independent lines, with 81 stations, that cover a total railroad extension of 67 km. It has won the Light Rail Award 2008 and the Veronica Rudge Green in Urban Design 2013 since it has stations projected by Pritzker prize winner Souto Moura. Furthermore, Porto’s metro system is eco-friendly, saving 55 tons of CO2 per year. In terms of innovation, Porto has a state-of-the-art contactless metro ticketing system.

Porto’s fleet of buses cover the entire metropolitan area, with more than 500 vehicles, part of them electrical vehicles. This is the largest network of buses with wi-fi in the world, providing moving hotspots around the city.


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Portugal has several international airports with regular national and international connections.

Airports - Useful contacts

ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal

Porto – Aeroporto do Porto - Francisco Sá Carneiro

Lisbon - Aeroporto de Lisboa - Humberto Delgado

Faro - Aeroporto de Faro

Madeira - Aeroporto da Madeira – Funchal

Açores - Aeroporto de Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II


Buses & Trams

Buses and trams in Porto are operated by STCP.

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Multimodal Andante ticketsthe “Andante” is the multimodal tariff valid in the major public transportation in Porto

Network Maps

Information on fares and other useful information.

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You can also dial 808 200 166 or 226 158 158 to obtain information from the Info Line

Subway - Porto

The subway in Porto covers 8 municipalities of the Porto Metropolitan Area and a funicular line is operated, mainly on the surface, by the Metro do Porto from 06:00 to 01:00 on six lines:

  • A- Estádio do Dragão - Senhor de Matosinhos
  • B - Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim
  • C - Campanhã - ISMAI
  • D - Hospital S. João - Sto Ovídio
  • E - Estádio do Dragão - Aeroporto
  • F - Baguim - Fânzeres

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Porto subway network map

Information on fares and other useful information

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You can also dial 808 20 50 60 and obtain information from the Linha Olá Metro!


Most taxis nowadays are beige, but some are still black and green, with a taxi sign on the roof. Always check that the meter is reset when entering the taxi. Extra charges apply for: luggage (except baby trolley and wheel chair); if you call the taxi by phone; night fare (from 22h00 till 06h00), leaving the city’s boundaries, waiting times. It's usual to leave a tip to the driver (about 10%), but not mandatory at all.

UberCabify, and other transportation platforms are active in Portugal. Uber has its activity recently legalised, but some taxi drivers are giving these platforms’ drivers a hard time in special areas of the cities, namely airports.

Contacts to call a taxi in the Greater Porto area:

• Táxis Invicta – (+351) 225 076 400

• Raditaxis - App Taxi-link(+351) 225 073 900

• Taxis – (+351) 220 997336

• App Taxi Digital

Taxi simulator



Porto urban trains assist the connection with the International, Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, InterRegional and Regional trains at the main stations and are distributed by the following lines: • Aveiro line; • Braga line; • Marco de Canaveses line; • Guimarães line.

There are interfaces with the subway and buses.

Click here for a map of Porto Urban trainshere for the CP App or here for the CP website.


Train Transportation - Portugal

CP is the main railway company, efficiently operating throughout Portugal, at urban, regional, interregional and international level.

International trains connect to the Spanish and French train system via Madrid, Hendaye and Vigo.

Within the country, the Alfa Pendular trains establish an express service between Portugal’s largest cities, including Porto, Lisbon, Faro, and Coimbra. The "inter-cities" and "inter-regions" trains serve the other cities.

Click here for the CP App.

Besides the information available on CP’s website, you can also call CP’s 707 210 220 information line available 24h.

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