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Porto is a good place to live, work and enjoy a unique quality of life. The perfect spot for your skills to take off and reach new heights. But there’s more. Porto offers many benefits for expats: safe, sunny, with a rich culture and heritage resulting from nine centuries of history, and with a high quality of health services, international schools and excellent flight connectivity to all over the world. Portugal is a country open to foreign cultures and Porto is known for its capacity to welcome, integrate and make anyone feel at home.

In Porto you will find all you need to ensure business as usual in a welcoming atmosphere, with an excellent climate and a vibrant culture, along with a booming tech-driven economy and a stimulating R&D environment. Porto offers unique living conditions for you and your family, from excellent housing, international education and hospitality conditions throughout the city. There are 42,353 foreign residents and 11,353 international students in the Porto District. These numbers are growing every day, with the city attracting more and more residents from all over the world, due its natural beauty, cosmopolitan environment and open-minded atmosphere.

Top destination

Portugal has become a top destination for foreign investments in recent years. The number of direct foreign investment projects in Portugal is growing. Recently, Porto has also seen a big boom in foreign investment. There are currently more than 300 foreign multinational companies in Porto and more than 800 in the Porto Metropolitan Area. These companies are from a variety of sectors like ICT, Nearshore and Shared Services, agrifood, real estate, tourism, health and biotech.

Numerous international corporations have chosen Porto region to set up their operations: shared service centres of Adidas, Siemens, Bosch, Infineon, Linde, Wipro and HB Fuller; insurance service centre of BNP Paribas Cardif; the recent engineering centre of Vestas; IT centres of Euronext, Natixis and IBM; research and technology centre of Microsoft; operation centre of Farfetch.


In the last decade, Porto has also seen a remarkable development in its entrepreneurship ecosystem, being a dynamic birthplace of many startups. Porto is the 3rd fastest growing tech hub in Europe, with 8436 companies established in the metropolitan area in 2019 which represents a 33% growth vs. 2016. As one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe, Porto stands out as a city with strong potential to become a national and international reference in the domains of innovation and entrepreneurship. With more than one hundred years of existence, the University of Porto is an important centre of research and scientific production. The connection between this knowledge, a strong entrepreneurial community, private and public partners and the support of the Municipality, makes the city a vibrant and competitive hub. This flourishing ecosystem, together with the hosting in Portugal of the Web Summit for the next decade will contribute to a growing number of international job offers and new business opportunities.

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