Obtaining a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF) with the Portuguese Tax Authority (AT) is one of the first essential steps when moving to Portugal. Among other purposes, namely taxation, you will need this to: open a bank account; sign a rental agreement/purchasing property; connect utilities.

NIF – Non-resident status

Before you can actually prove that you reside in Portugal, you must register with AT as a non-resident. This will require a Tax Representative (necessarily tax resident in Portugal) unless you can present a valid proof of address in an EU country.

NIF – Resident status

As soon as you actually reside in Portugal, you can change your address with AT presenting a valid proof of address. The registration of your Portuguese address will automatically change your status to Resident taxpayer with the corresponding tax rights and obligations. For further information on changing change your non-resident status to resident, we recommend that you refer to the applicable tax office brochure. You may consider contacting a fiscal advisor for particular tax advice, including non-habitual resident applications.

For online individual access to the AT website, please read the Portal das Finanças – Tax Authority Website section.


Portal das Finanças – Tax Authority Website

After you are registered at the Tax Authorities – AT – and have your Portuguese taxpayer identification number (NIF), you should ask for a password to access the Portal das Finanças. For further information on NIF, please read the NIF - Portuguese Tax Number section.

To procced with asking for your password, please read the AT online brochure – Everything You Need to Know About Accessing to Portal Das Finanças, available in Portuguese, French and English.

Please note that:

  • Your password will be posted to you to your fiscal address in the EU or to your tax representative’s address, within an average time of 5 working days. Therefore, you should consider taking this step after you are registered with your Portuguese address and consider this processing time if you have any urgent matter that needs to be dealt with exclusively via the Portal da Finanças;
  • There are various Tax tasks/services that can only be performed online with an access, such as filing your annual income tax return, and checking invoices and documents issued and communicated for expenses deductible to your annual income tax on your e-fatura section.

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