A valid driving license – Carta de Condução - is needed to drive in Portugal and the minimum age is 18.

Holders of valid foreign driving licenses are authorized to drive motor vehicles in Portugal for the first 185 days following their entry into the Country, provided they are not resident.

Drivers holding driving licenses issued by countries which are members of the EEA (European Economic Area) must register with the regional Department of Motor Vehicles – IMT – within 60 days of taking up residence in Portugal. Original documents required for this purpose include: residence permit; applicable IMT form; driving license (photocopy and original); medical certificate; ID/passport. You should always carry the document IMT will issue, together with your original driving license, as well as other driver/vehicle documents. You may have to exchange your driving license for a Portuguese one depending on its country of issuance and expiry date.

Drivers holding driving licenses issued by countries which are not members of the EEA, yet are members of recognized international conventions, must exchange their valid license for a Portuguese one within 90 days of taking up residence in Portugal without the need for examination. Requirements include Portuguese documents and documents issued by the issuing country of the driving license to be exchanged.

Further requirements, such as driving tests, may apply to holders of driving licenses issued by countries which have not adhered to the international conventions recognized by Portugal.

Driving without appropriate license may be subject to fines and penalties and you should bear in mind that the process of exchanging a driver licence may be time consuming. Therefore, make sure to allow for sufficient time.

Please contact IMT for further information on exchanging driving licenses.

IMT contact information:

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 485/527, 4149-015, Porto.

Ph: +351 808 201 212


Renewal of the driving license/Issuing of the duplicate

It is possible to proceed to the renewal of the driving license, as well as the issuing of a duplicate of that document should the original be lost or misplaced.

This service is provided at Gabinete do Munícipe, located at Praça General Humberto Delgado, nº 266.

Contacts: +351 222 090 400, or the Parish Council of your area of residence, with the exception of the Parish Council of Campanhã.

Note: Fees are applicable to this service.

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