Most of the Portuguese highways have physical tolls. However, some roads use an exclusive electronic toll system with no manual payment on site. All lanes with electronic toll only are properly identified in advance, through a signpost. For further information on electronic tolls and applicable payment systems, please visit the Portugal Tolls website.

A widespread and convenient method of automatic electronic payment of tolls is Via Verde. The main advantage is to avoid waiting time at tollbooths due to heavy traffic; one or two lanes are reserved for Via Verde users. The system can also be used for parking, mainly in major parking lots; selected gas stations; and selected ferries.

You associate a debit card and your bank account is automatically debited each time you use your Via Verde device, which must be affixed to your car windshield. A monthly statement is sent to you. You can subscribe aVia Verde shops and agentsCTT counters (the Portuguese postal service company) other authorized providers, or online, in which case you will be sent the device by mail.

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